We make project management a joy

We’re the Shortcut Design Team - spread out across the globe, working in harmony to bring you a product that we love to make.

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Our Design Principles

These principles help us help you help us (help you), and also help us stay consistent in our work.

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Brand Guidelines

Before potential customers will trust that Shortcut is a joy to use, we have to show them we understand the meaning of that word.

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Where are you? We may just be there, too.

Oklahoma, County Mayo, Easter Island, floating on a log in the Pacific Ocean: if there’s a good enough internet connection, one of our employees (maybe you) might be there.

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Our designers have opinions. Here are some ramblings.

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Meet the Design Team

Our team is kind. Our team is competent. Our team is cool (kinda). But you can be the judge of that last one.

Al Power

Lead Brand Designer

Kildare, Ireland

Veronica Erick

Senior Product Designer

San Francisco, USA

John Sherwin

Senior Product Designer

Toronto, Canada

Kieron Keenan

Senior Product Designer

Mayo, Ireland

Sara Lohr

Senior Product Designer

Texas, USA

Abbie Sears

Brand Designer

Oklahoma, USA

Richard Huffaker

Director of Creative Marketing

Los Angeles, USA

Meet some of the Design Team

Our team is kind. Our team is competent. Our team is cool (kinda). But you can be the judge of that last one.

👋 Hey Veronica

Hi there, I'm a Senior Product Designer for the Design System at Shortcut on the UXP Team. I work remotely from San Francisco, California.

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✌️Hello Val

Hey, I'm Head of Product Insights based in New York City. I've worked at Shortcut since February, 2021 and love the team, as well as the organization's mission!

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🙌 Howdy John

Hello there, I'm a Senior Product Designer at Shortcut with the Build team. I’ve been here since March 2021 and I am working remotely from Toronto, Canada.

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Download any and all assets that are featured in our brand identity. Grab what you need or just take it all.

Color Swatches

Download these to ensure you create a consistent brand experience.

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Logo Assets

Many versions of our logo, all ready to use in a variety of formats.

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Pretty pictures that can add joy to your Shortcut - or Shortcut adjacent - projects.

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Our team listen to some good/bad music, we'll let you judge...

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Interested? Join us in building a project management tool that makes people want to hug their computer instead of throw it out a window.

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