Paolo D'Ettorre

Senior Product Designer, Abruzzo, Italy

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Paolo D'Ettorre

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Building a new onboarding for Shortcut

How did you get into design?

From a very young age I was very interested in art and design. I remember my mom used to bring me with her in her work place to mind me. She would have me do my homework in a room that was a sort of library. I remember that the room was filled with Disney books. As I would usually get bored after doing my homework, I started to draw some of those Disney figures all the afternoon. I kept doing it every day and I eventually got pretty good at drawing figures.
In Italy you can choose a specialized high school based on what you are interested in. So when it came to choosing, the Art school was the obvious choice for me. After high school I studied Graphic and Web design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy where I got my degree and masters.

What is your day to day?

Since the people at Shortcut are worldwide distributed, I get to have some free time in the morning and start a little bit later. I usually wake up at around 8:20am, have an espresso, and start working out at home. Exercising really gives me the boost that I need to start the day. Then me and my wife sometimes get to walk to the city centre to grab a croissant and a cappuccino - I am Italian. Then I get to my desk around 11am and start catching up with emails and ongoing offline conversations. The first 3 hours of the day in work is the time I get to focus on design stuff, and I keep the afternoon busy with meetings until around 7pm. I am a fan of this working hour schedule as it gives me a lot of time in the morning to get personal stuff done rather than in the evening after work.

What do you do in your spare time?

I play guitar, bass-guitar and ukulele. Very often I would close myself in a room, turn on the amplifier and start playing. I also love playing Call of Duty in my spare time, and I got pretty obsessed with it recently. Other than that, I exercise a lot and always want to go for a walk and be outside around people. There have been times where I could just go out for walks by myself with my headphones on and listening to music.

What does your workspace look like?

I love the idea to keep my desk minimal and with just the essentials. First, I work on a standing desk as it helps with my posture. On that, you can see that I got a plant (its a fake one, but please don’t judge me. I love plants but my cat doesn’t), an electric mug (Christmas present from Shortcut) that keeps my coffee warm during my meeting, a while water battle, and a white lamp. Everything fits together in harmony. I also use an external monitor and I keep my laptop on the left. Behind my laptop I have a wooden stand and charger for my phone, watch, and headphones. Keeping my desk tidy is one of my priority and keeps me focus at work.

What music do you listen to and why?

This is a simple question, but still so tricky to me all the time. I don’t have a favourite genre I listen to. I feel I got stuck in my teenagers years and never move on to a different genre haha. Most of the time I listened to music that I play with my guitar (imagining I am in a band playing in a live concert), but other times I just listen to everything, no specific genre. Sometimes I can be stuck with the same songs for a looong time.

Playlist by Paolo D

Flippity Dippity

Songs that will make you dance during a brainstorming session.

I Gotta Feeling

Black Eyed Peas


Fat Bottomed Girls



I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

The Proclaimers


Bohemian Like You

The Dandy Warhols


If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?

I always imagined what it would be like to be a Deerbra. (If you want to learn more about this not mythological animal, check out Kevin Hart - my fav comedian - explaining his encounter with one). Stripes always look good on me and I am also one of a kind.

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