Veronica Erick

Senior Product Designer, San Francisco, USA

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Veronica Erick

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How did you get into design?

I grew up in my extremely talented Mom’s glass mosaic tile studio in San Francisco back in the 90s. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been making things in the form of mosaic, painting, and intensely collaging (hi pre-teen days 🤘). I’ve always been into the exploration of artistic mediums and scientific observation and experimentation.

From a young age I have had a love of taking things apart to put them back together again, just to see how things work internally. For college I attended UC Berkeley and created my own major (because I couldn’t pick just one or two things to zoom in on), which consisted of three areas of study. Those areas were: cognitive science/neuroscience, business marketing, and design engineering (cross of the Mechanical Engineering + Haas Business colleges for a product development type lens). The design pieces of my major were my absolute favorite, along with the technical challenges that came with the hybrid engineering and business/product development immersive courses. During college, I interned in the marketing department at Lagunitas brewing company based in Petaluma, California, which taught me how deeply happy a product can make a human. I enjoyed the delight that I saw come from getting really good beer in beer lovers' hands and I think was the kindling of wanting to work in a position that was concerned with creating a positive user experience (whether this was beer or SVG icons).

Post-college I decided I wanted to work in web development and design, so I enrolled in an all-women's engineering school in San Francisco called Hackbright Academy. Since then, I’ve worked in tech for the last 6 years all across the stack between UX engineer, UI design, web design, and front-end development. I have worked on Design Systems for the last 4+ years and adore the system-level thinking that comes with building and architecting useable and delightful Design Systems that can make engineering and designer friends happier, and help them work more efficiently.

What is your day to day?

My day-to-day always begins with coffee, specifically an oat latte with some fancy collagen cocoa powder or something to that degree. During the pandemic, I decided to purchase an espresso machine (Breville for life.. superfan), so my quality of life in the first ten minutes of waking up has really skyrocketed.

I generally try to tier out a solid deep work chunk of time in the morning and then try to schedule some sort of movement practice in the late or early afternoon, like a tough HIIT class or a yoga session on my patio where the sun shines pretty bright for SF. Evenings are generally spent cooking or exploring the many cuisine options of San Francisco proper.

What do you do in your spare time?

I sometimes try to be as active as possible on weekends and be outside as much as I can be with hiking, road tripping or attempting to snowboard (or at least go exist near the snow in Lake Tahoe). When I’m feeling particularly cozy, I optimize for dinner parties or movie nights with friends here in the city.

I am a huge horror fanatic, so there is usually some extremely great or abysmally bad horror flick on in the background in off-work hours. Otherwise, I’ve worked with a local dog rescue in the Bay Area during covid to help with fostering dogs.

In the last year, I’ve tried to optimize for more exploration and try to take trips to get out of the house and challenge myself to break out of my routine.

What does your workspace look like?

I try to keep my desk as clean, green, and serene as possible to balance out how many Chrome tabs I have open at any given time (read: chaos). My office at home gets a fair amount of direct sunlight, which I am grateful for in the afternoons. I typically always have a cup of something on my desk between tea, coffee, or kombucha when I’m in need of bubbles.

What music do you listen to and why?

I’m all over the place with music so I’m going to let the professionals at Spotify help me answer this question with a data-driven approach here. My top artists last year were: Cautious Clay, Tame Impala, Maggie Rodgers, King Princess, Olivia Rodrigo (no shame), and HAIM. My favorite song of all time is 500 Miles by the Proclaimers.

Playlist by Veronica E


A collection of my favorites songs for ya'll to enjoy!

Lave Lamp



A Calf Born in Winter



Joshua Tree (Mozado Remix)

Cautious Clay, Mozado


Weekend Friend

Goth Babe


If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?

My aspirational animal is a shark because I’ve always been rather obsessed with sharks in a fear-fascination sort of way and I think they are absolutely magical along with being observant, curious, and inquisitive.

But if I’m being honest I’d probably be a chinchilla. Reasoning: I’m very jumpy - any noise makes me jump.. doorbell? jump! person coming through a doorway? jump! Also.. I am usually snacking on raw veggies throughout the day, am naturally nocturnal, and love a quiet nook to cozy up in.

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